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Hurricane season approaching.

Updated: May 24, 2023

Now is the time to think about the trees in your landscape. As hurricane season is approaching it may be a good idea to have your trees evaluated for any concerns you may have. Trees can be a beutiful part of your landscape but can become a complete nightmare in hurricane season if they have not been cared for. Trees that have not been trimmed in a long period of time can be dangerous to high winds and lots of rain. When trees are over grown, the wind can not blow through the canopy well. with a good amount of rainfallproduced by hurricanes , soil washes away from the roots and causes the tree to fall. With that being said, get an evaluation and protect yourself from a costly nightmare.

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May 01, 2020

A hole year went by and it is time to take inventory of how your trees health, and conditions are. With hurricane season starting in 30 days there is no time to delay. Over grown trees have a tendency and a good chance of falling because there top heavy and wind don't blow through the canopy. As most hurricane, wind is not the only issue causing trees to fall. Did you know rain is a big factor. When there is a large amount of rain within short periods of time the results could be damaging as well. The soil is washed away from trees root structure and the slightest gust could cause tree to fall. Not only these issues, what…

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